Alliance Altyn helped to remove a lengthy gorge on the river in Talas district


Alliance Altyn helped to remove a 1,500-meter long gorge on the River Karakol.

On January 20, after the ice gorge formed on the River Karakol, its water level rose threatening to flood about 50 homes in Kepure-Bazar community. As a result, a state of emergency was announced in Talas district. The Ministry of Emergencies did not have enough fleet to break the ice and appealed to Alliance Altyn.

The company immediately allocated special equipment — Cat 336 excavator, a lowboy for its transportation and an operator. It is noteworthy that only Alliance Altyn owns such special equipment in Talas region.

The work was being carried out around the clock together with the staff of the Ministry of Emergencies, district authorities, village council and other agencies. Alliance Altyn spent about 1,000L diesel fuel, and within three days the gorge was successfully removed. About 20 thousand ice cubes were taken out. The team managed to prevent the destruction of the bridge connecting Kepure-Bazar with other settlements.

The villagers note that the problem was very serious, and thank the team for the prompt removal of the ice gorge.