Reserves, geological prospecting and exploration (information about the Jeruy deposit & the prospecting block)

The Jeruy deposit is located on the territory of Talas district of Talas oblast, the distance from Bishkek is 320 km by road through Tyuya-Ashu and Otmek passes. The nearest village, Kara-Oy, is located 2.3 km away from Jeruy and is connected to the site by an unpaved road. It is about 70 km from Talas to Jeruy.

The terrain of the area is mountainous and sharply dissected, the relative excesses reach 500-800 m. The climate of the area is sharply continental. Snow falls in early October and stays until late May or early June.

Jeruy belongs to the number of gold-quartz formation deposits. Gold is confined to veins, veinlets, and zones of metasomatic silicification. The central part of the deposit is composed of rich quartz-vein ores.

Stocks of Jeruy

The Jeruy gold deposit was discovered in 1969. The state balance sheet as of January 1, 1984, approved reserves of Jeruy in categories C1 + C2 in the amount of 12,376.6 thousand tons of ore and 81,428 kg of gold, in off-balance category C1 – 3,250.3 thousand tons of ore and 1,868 kg of gold.

As of January 1, 2016, Jeruy reserves were approved by the State Mineral Reserves Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic in the following amounts: gold – balance C1 + C2 categories – 88,231 kg, off-balance – 17,322 kg; silver – balance C2 category – 24,349 kg, off-balance – 6,004 kg.