Sustainable development

Alliance Altyn LLC operates in strict compliance with the environmental laws of the Kyrgyz Republic and international environmental standards, guided by the goal of minimising production and environmental risks in all areas of operations while balancing the interests of parties concerned: local community, employees, shareholders, suppliers.

Alliance Altyn LLC undertakes to:

  • make executive decisions based on the results of environmental monitoring and analysis of the impact of ecological aspects on the state of the environment;
  • develop and implement actions to prevent pollution and reduce levels of environmental impact;
  • introduce technological processes and equipment that meet modern environmental protection standards;
  • monitor compliance with sanitary, epidemiological and ecological standards;
  • regular improvement of staff competence in the field of environmental care;
  • keeping internal and external stakeholders aware of the company's environmental protection activities;
  • strict compliance with the environmental legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, international agreements and sectoral regulations in the field of environmental safety.

The EIA documentation has been developed in accordance with the Regulations on the Procedure for Environmental Impact Assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic (Resolution No. 60 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of 13 February 2015).

Alliance Altyn has been conducting baseline socio-economic and environmental studies in the Jeruy area since 2015, aimed at assessing the current state of the environment, cultural heritage and socio-economic status.

The field works are carried out by the licensed companies Eco-Service LLC and Chuyskaya Ecological Laboratory LLC with the support of the international independent company SRK Consulting.

The research programme includes:

  • climate conditions;
  • the state of open air;
  • radiation environment;
  • the state of noise and vibration levels;
  • hydrogeological conditions;
  • hydrological conditions;
  • an assessment of soil cover;
  • an assessment of the flora and fauna;
  • историко-культурное наследие;
  • historical and cultural heritage;
  • socio-economic studies.

Under the terms of the EIA and company policy, Alliance Altyn, in close cooperation with government agencies, conducts ongoing public discussions with the local community.

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