The deposit is planned to be mined successively by open-pit and underground methods.

 The quarry from 2018 to 2031:

  • operational gold reserves – 56.7 tons;
  • capacity – 1.3 million tons of ore per year;
  • pit bottom mark – 3,353 m;
  • maximum board height – 512 m;
  • the depth of the pit (from the entrance) – 175 m.

 Underground workings from 2031 to 2043:

  • operational gold reserves – 26,8 tons;
  • capacity – 700 thousand tons of ore per year;
  • the mark of the lower sub-floor – 2,850 m.

A transport system of exploitation with the conveyance of overburden to external dumps was adopted for the extraction of reserves. It is planned to transport ore and overburden rock by motor vehicles.

Waste rock dumps and off-balance ores will be located on the northern slope.