Alliance Altyn paid 9.5 billion soms taxes to the budget in 2022


Alliance Altyn paid 9.5 billion soms taxes to the republican and local budgets of Kyrgyzstan, including 5 billion to Talas regional budget, in 2022.

The company has broken its own record this year – 4,150 tons refined gold instead of four tons. The indicators grew by 30 %. The target for the extraction of 3.4 million cubic meters of rock has been reached. Technical extraction grew from 89.3 % to 90.2 % since 2021.

The company seeks to improve quality in 2023. "We are looking to increase the output of finished products by about 10 % – up to 4,300-4,400 kg of gold. There is a schedule of measures to improve the working conditions of workers, as well as environmental safety: upgrade the supply and exhaust ventilation, workplaces, open additional offices. Recently, the independent Chui Environmental Laboratory conducted a comprehensive inspection and confirmed that the tailings of the factory are also classified as the safest (hazard class V)."

The compliance with sanitary and environmental standards on Jeruy site is monitored daily. Unparalleled through the whole country, the tailings dump was built using modern technologies and composite materials. Its eco-furnaces deactivate production waste.

The company tackled the problem of dust on the ore route from the quarry to the factory with special eco-friendly anti-dust agents. It also aspires to zero-waste mining, the use of tailings waste as a building material.

Alliance Altyn is adopting the best international HSE practices on Jeruy site. The company continuously monitors compliance with safety regulations during all types of work, invites specialists with profound expertise, and organizes regular upskilling programs for its staff. Classes are organized at the Mill training center.

There is a staff recruitment procedure in place, with the special commission. In 2022, 189 employees were recruited by Alliance Altyn. In total, the company employs 1,305 people, including 518 contractor workers. 97 % of them are Kyrgyz. All employees enjoy equal professional and career growth opportunities.

In 2022, active work was carried out to increase the fleet of mining transport and auxiliary machinery on Jeruy site. More than 50 modern equipment units have been purchased and put into operation – these are high-performance excavators, dump trucks with 55 and 25 ton lifting capacity, graders, snowplows and water sprinkling machines, drilling rigs. The road machinery fleet with 90 units has a minimal impact on the environment.

Alliance Altyn focuses on the support of Talas residents. Since 2016, the company's fund has transferred 900 million soms divided into seven disbursements. 60 % of them are loans for the agricultural sector, 40 % are social grants. 163 projects worth 147.5 million soms were fulfilled in 2022. Thus, six harvesters were purchased for farmers, a sugar factory was restored in Ak-Debe village, incubation equipment was installed in Talas hospital. Alliance Altyn helped to restore a school in Suulu-Maymak village after the fire and handed over 18 new cars to Kyrgyz police.

"For 11 months of 2022, Alliance Altyn paid 615 million soms to Talas budget for the development and maintenance of the regional infrastructure. Of these, 50 % was paid to Talas Region Development Fund, 30 % – to Talas District Development Fund and 20 % – to Bekmoldo Village Council Development Fund," says Bakytbek Narbekov, Presidential Envoy in Talas region, the Kyrgyz Republic.

Alliance Altyn helped to repair the roads of the region, irrigation systems, landscaping, took part in the construction and reconstruction of sports facilities. Alliance Altyn Development Fund allocated 6 million soms for the construction of a waste sorting plant in Talas as a 5-year interest-free loan.

"In 2023, it is planned to put into operation a large sewing factory in Talas. There will be about one thousand jobs created. We also seek to create a large farm in Manassk district. There are also plans to build a mini-hydro power plant. Starting from 2023, we plan to adopt the strategic task of the Fund for the construction of one large social facility annually."