Visiting session of the profile committee of the Zhogorku Kenesh

...The Russian company Vostok-Geologodobycha, which won the tender for the exploitation of the Jeruy deposit, transferred $100 million to the Kyrgyz government under the terms of the tender. Of this money, the authorities contributed 170 KGS each to the budget of Talas province, the budget of Talas district, and the budget of the Bekmoldo village government, which is closest to the deposit. In addition, the Bakubat Talas Fund was created, to which 100 million KGS were allocated in the first three years and 150 million KGS in the following three years. Of these, 70 million KGS are provided as a loan for the development of small and medium-sized businesses at 8 % per annum, while the remaining 30 million KGS are provided on a non-repayable basis for social projects.

In Kyrgyzstan, the Jeruy deposit is the second only to Kumtor in terms of gold reserves. According to preliminary exploration data, its reserves consist of 84 tons of gold and about 10 tons of silver.

Deputies Kozhobek Ryspaev, Almaz Zhutanov, Islanbek Sarseitov, chairman of SCIESU Ulanbek Ryskulov, deputy director of the State Environmental Inspection, deputy director of the State Agency for Architecture and Construction Mirbek Akmataliev, deputy director of the State Agency for Forestry and Environmental Protection Arsen Ryspekov and representatives of local authorities took part in the visiting session of the profile committee of Zhogorku Kenesh.