Alliance Altyn organized a sports festival for the residents of Bekmoldo aiyl aimak

In honor of the spring holiday Nooruz, Alliance Altyn organized festive events and competitions in various sports, including national ones, in Bekmoldo village area of Talas district.

Competitions for the Cup of Alliance Altyn LLC were held in football; men's, girls' and women's volleyball; kok boru; er enish; ordo; Kyrgyz kurosh; horse races in three categories: at chabysh, kunan chabysh and tai chabysh. Teams from the villages of Khan Burgo, Kenesh, Sasyk Bulak and Kara-Oy, as well as secondary schools of Bekmoldo rural area took part in the competition. 

As a result of sports competitions held in a non-compromise struggle, the athletes of Khan Burgo village became the winners of the games in kok boru, ordo and er enish. 

The garland of victory in volleyball among women went to the team of the Kara-Oy secondary village school named after A. Borubaev. The men's team of the same village took first place in football.

Athletes from the villages of Sasyk-Bulak, Kara-Oy, Kenesh and Khan Burgo won in races and wrestling. In addition, the guests from the village area of Osmonkul took first and third places in horse racing.

The winners and medalists were awarded cups, diplomas and cash prizes from the Alliance Altyn company.

All competitors and spectators expressed their gratitude to the company for the holiday.

Alliance Altyn also awarded the winners of the ordo and mini-football competitions dedicated to the Nooruz holiday in the Omuraliev rural area of Talas district.