Exploitation of the Jeruy deposit (NewTV)

On November 23, 2017, a ceremony was held at the Jeruy site to mark the commencement of construction of the processing complex, which includes a gold recovery plant (GRP), a tailings storage facility, a laboratory and warehouses. 

The guests toured the office premises and employee housing units fully prepared for operation, got acquainted with the construction of the fuel and lubricants warehouse, and then moved on to the construction site of the processing complex, where the official part took place.

The event began with the hoisting of the flag and the anthem of the Kyrgyz Republic. Then the chairman of the SCIESU U. Ryskulov addressed the audience, noting that the technical project for the exploitation of the deposit has passed all necessary expertise. The company complies with all terms of the license agreement. The factory must be launched on time. Under the terms, the company must start extraction in January 2019 and launch in March 2019, said the head of the agency. U. Ryskulov wished Alliance Altyn to finish the construction of the Mill and the tailings storage facility on time.

In their statements, the acting authorized representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Talas province, Ch. Torokulov, and representatives of local authorities expressed their certainty that the implementation of Jeruy and similar projects would make a significant contribution to the development of the economy of the region and the country as a whole.

CEO of the Russkaya Platina E. Vorobeichik added that the shareholders of Alliance Altyn intend to equip the Mill with modern technologies ensuring both efficient extraction and environmental protection. We will apply the best practices of the world at Jeruy. Now we are choosing a contractor, running a tender, and I promise that we will pick the company that owns high-quality technologies. "We will have high quality, the most advanced technologies", he said.

Mikhail Shubin, CEO of Alliance Altyn, assured that the company will make every effort to start mining gold in Jeruy under the license agreement.

The event ended with the solemn placement of a capsule under the construction of the complex.