Alliance Altyn shows the tailings dump at Jeruy in 3D

In order to get a clear picture of Alliance Altyn's work to ensure environmental safety, we have made a short video in which you can see how the tailings dump of the Jeruy processing complex is arranged in 3D and how it will be recultivated in the future.

As the company reported earlier, the tailings dump site holds gold-containing ore enrichment wastes belonging to hazard class 5 (practically safe). These are decontaminated cakes with less than 20 % moisture content, consisting of waste rock with minimal residual gold content.

The tailings pond has a 5-layer impervious screen consisting of a 2.0 mm thick geomembrane with protective layers of geotextile and loam. This screen eliminates the intrusion of any substances into the soil and groundwater. The screen collects residual moisture from the cakes, as well as rainfall on the site, and directs this water to the tailings pond, from where it is piped into the production flow of the gold processing plant (the Mill).

This ensures zero discharge into the environment and recycling water supply of the Mill.

An effective dust suppression system using polymeric reagents is applied at the tailings dump.

The tailings storage facility is designed to store tailings for a total capacity of 24 million tons of ore (15 million m3) in three phases over the entire operating period.

The total area of the tailings dump is 64.1 ha.

Upon completion of the project, the tailings area will be seeded with grass and returned to the agricultural land fund.