Alliance Altyn started building roads and infrastructure at Jeruy

On April 25, there was a solemn event dedicated to the official commencement of construction of interplan roads at the Jeruy gold deposit in Talas oblast, which was attended by A. Saparaliev, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of the KR, heads of local state bodies, deputies of the Bekmoldo aiyl kenesh, employees of Alliance Altyn LLC and contracting organizations.

The event began with the anthem of the Kyrgyz Republic and the raising of the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic. Following this, the floor was given to A. Saparaliev, deputy chairman of SCIESU, who expressed confidence that Jeruy will become one of the most successful economic projects in the history of modern Kyrgyzstan.

Then the head of the department of the authorized representative office of the government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Talas oblast B. Tursunaliev, first deputy akim of Talas district K. Tabyshov, and the head of the Bekmoldo village administration K. Moldobekov took the floor, emphasizing the necessity and importance of the Jeruy project not only for the development of the region's economy, but also for the entire Kyrgyz Republic. According to them, the residents of Talas oblast are already getting tangible assistance from Alliance Altyn; they support its efforts and are looking forward to the start of full-scale operation of the gold-mining enterprise.

Representatives of contractors, CEO of Zholchu LLC E. Nazaraliev and CEO of Zhagalmay LLC G. Zaripova, pledged to build roads in their assigned plots in strict compliance with international standards and reported on the special equipment and experience needed to do so.

CEO of Alliance Altyn LLC M. These funds are used to organize regional and district development funds and to finance projects of social and economic importance. Shubin said that the company began construction of the inter-plot roads and infrastructure, as promised during the March 31 meeting with the activists and residents of Talas oblast. Tenders have already been held and the first winners announced: two Kyrgyz road construction companies. Today they officially begin working on their sections of the road. Two more will be joining in the near future. Shubin pointed out that heavy specialized equipment of premium class had arrived, including German 10-ton excavators and bulldozers.

From the beginning of May, the project to restore the energy sector will begin: substations will be installed, power lines will be laid, and the shift camp will be rebuilt. All of the above is evidence of the initiation of full-scale work at Jeruy.

Then the participants of the event inspected the specialized equipment, renovated and fully operational residential buildings, and office premises for engineering and technical personnel of Alliance Altyn LLC. The celebration concluded with the planting of greenery as a sign of the company's commitment to environmental stewardship.